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Propertyline, LLC has your best interest in mind.  We realize people are looking for professional individuals who they can rely on from start to finish.  We focuse on what the customer is asking for and providing exactly what they need whether it's functionality or aesthetics.


We spend a lot of our time building fences and decks.  We have a variety of fences to choose from and better quality than your big box stores.  On top of that, evertything is made in the USA.  Give us a chance to come to your house and we'll give you a free estimate w/ sample products and brochures in hand.  We offer a top quality PVC(vinyl) fence that's superior to anyone in our area.  On top of that we can offer you a heavier gauge chainlink fence for long lasting durability.  Take a look at the different products we can offer you by visiting http://www.merchantsmetals.com/Architects/CL_main.html   


We specialize mostly in residential needs but have occasionaly worked on some commercial projects as well. Learn more about our services.

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